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Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders

You are not alone Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Disorders

Feel free to contact
Cathy MacMillan Fitch at 306-892-2080 or Annie Laing at 306-445-8436.



Due to unforeseen circumstances the AB MEN conference is cancelled.
I wish to thank all the drs. that contacted me regarding the conference.
I am hoping to have one in 2017 any questions please email me at or phone me at 1-306-441-6873.
I will know more later this year.
Thank you
Remember 'You are Not Alone'

Annie Laing



We are having a glo-ball golf tournament
on September 17th in Leduc AB.
The cost is $90.00 per person.
Any donation is truly appreciated.
If you have any questions please contact Annie at
1-306-441-6873 or email at or Shirley at 1-780-986-4394
Hope to see you there
"Remember You Are Not Alone"


Hi Welcome to our website

We are hoping to have a MEN conference on October 2st to the 23rd 2016.
This conference is being held in Edmonton AB Canada.
You can contact me either on my email address: or you can phone me 
at 1-306-441-6873 for further information or to let me know that you are
interested in attending.  We are looking for volunteers to help out.
"Remember You Are Not Alone"

Cathy's letter to the M.E.N. Society members

To my MEN family and friends. I hope this letter finds each of you and your families happy and healthy. As the year comes and goes I get older. It seems like I am slowing down and it takes me longer to do things.

In 1996, when we first started getting our society going, there were only 10 members in North America and as of today we have over 200 members and they are throughout the world.

Our mission of "You Are Not Alone" is to let our members and their families know that we are here for them anytime they need us. We now have Drs that not only understand MEN but can actually help us and people with MEN.

Our goal is to have a : one-stop-shop. This means you get admitted, tested, diagnosed, given surgery if needed and getting all the information you need to stay healthy and also to get help to your families so they can help in your quality of life.

We would like one in Canada and one in the United States.

We are now looking to find someone who would make us a memory quilt and each person can have a patch put on in memory of the loved one so that they are not forgotten. Some of the original members took up the cause and stated that they were the 4 legged white mouse to help us with getting treatments done to see how they helped or didn't help the MEN. They should never be forgotten.

Also we will have a website up soon, we are waiting for Dr approval.

Also I would like to have some of your stories about your struggle with MEN and how it has affected your life and the lives of your family.

We are keeping our eyes and ears open to finding out when and where the next conference will be at. I will keep all of you posted.

Thank You
"Cause I Care"


Welcome to the Canadian Multiple Endocrine Neoplasm Society Inc.

non-profit (charitable) Saskatchewan corporation

Hi my name is Annie Laing and I am the secretary/treasurer of the M.E.N. Society. In this package you will find information regarding Multiple Endocrine Neuroplasia and I truly hope it will be useful for you.

In 1995 my mom, Cathy Fitch, my Aunt Shirley Stevens, and myself started the M.E.N. Society as I had a very sick brother. Doctors accused us of letting Rick be sick as he liked the attention and we were making him an hypochondriac. I am sure some of you have already had to deal with Doctors like this already.

In this package is also a personal history and a children personal history, if possible I would like you to fill these forms out and mail them to me. I DO NOT mail them out unless I have receive your permission. I keep all the personal histories in my care.

We have a medical list that has Drs on it and the deal I personally have made with the Drs is that if their name is on our list they cannot refuse to see a MEN member. Now they don't have to cancel any appointments to get a member in but they do try their best to see the member as fast as they can. The Drs who are part of our Society have dealt with MEN so this is a relief for anyone we send to the Drs as you do not have to deal with the sighs that some Drs give.

Also we have a membership list and with your permission only I would like to add you to the list. I keep the list so if someone new like yourself joins our society I look at the membership list to see if there is a member near you so you have someone to talk to.

Our motto is "You Are Not Alone". As my family has had personal feelings of being alone it is our cause that No One or Family should feel alone. I personally do not have MEN but I have lost loved ones to this disease. I personally offer help to the family members to help them deal with the disease without having it. Loved ones feel just as alone as the loved one with MEN.

We are in the process of getting a website up at this stage we are waiting for Dr approval so no one thinks we have made up this disease or any Information we have put on the website is accurate. We are also trying to get bracelets.

Our society is here to help you. You can call Cathy at 1-306-892-2080 or her email address is: . She does try to speak personally to any new members.

As for me my phone number is: 1-306-445-8436 and my email address is: . yes I am Canadian.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime as I have stated our Motto is, "You Are Not Alone" and we mean it.

Annie Laing
Secretary/treasurer of the M.E.N. Society